A fire pit that makes biochar

Made in USA

Are you tired of:

-- Having valuable organic matter hauled away from your garden in your green bin? --

-- Only getting ash out of your fire pit that contributes little to your garden? --

-- Paying for soil amendments that don't last? --

  • Make biochar

    Make your own biochar in your backyard with the your backyard green "waste".

  • Have Fun

    Enhance your social life with fire pit gatherings or simply enjoy the calming effect of sitting next to a fire.

  • Lower your Carbon Footprint

    Biochar is a stable form of carbon that can last for thousands of years in soil.

Don't just take our word for it

"Sustainable biochar is a powerfully simple tool that can produce a soil enhancer that holds carbon and makes soil more fertile"

Source - International Biochar Initiative

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We get it. Trying something new can feel risky.

With free shipping and free returns plus a 30 day return window you can try the biochar fire pit risk free.

Green cabbage growing in a garden.

Biochar improves your garden's soil

  • Biochar increases your soils ability to hold nutrients so more of your valuable fertilizer stays in your soil helping your garden to grow.
  • Biochar decreases soil acidity increasing the vitality of your garden.
  • Biochar increases your soils ability to hold moisture so your plants get less stressed between waterings.

We realized gardeners needed a way to make their own biochar

Many gardeners want biochar but the cost of commercially produced biochar is too high for many gardeners. We realized that gardeners needed a fun, affordable and simple way to make their own biochar.

Have fun while making biochar

At Pi Fabricators we know that you want to have an awesome garden. In order to do that, you need healthy soil. The problem is buying soil amendments is costly and most don't stay in your soil very long, which leads to your garden's soil being less fertile. We believe you should be able to enrich your soil with the organic matter you grow in your garden. We understand the importance of having a garden that is both beautiful and provides nutrition for your family which is why we developed a biochar producing fire pit.

We stand on the shoulders of giants

Supercharge your fireside with a biochar fire pit! Inspired by Kon-Tiki kilns, Japanese MOKI cone kilns, and ancient soil pit kilns, our biochar fire pit offers a sustainable, efficient and stylish way to enjoy a backyard fire pit while producing biochar to nourish your garden.

Image of wood burning in a fire pit.

Reduced smoke emmisions

The biochar fire pit decreases the amount of smoke produced compared to a conventional fire pit because the biochar fire pit's cone shape promotes efficient mixing of air that reburns the smoke.

Want to buy biochar instead of making it?

We sell biochar. Click below to learn more.