Secure visual tool storage

Made in USA

Are you tired of:

-- Being disorganized? --

-- Wasting time looking for tools? --

-- Having to choose between locking up your tools and keeping them visually displayed? --

  • Get organized

    Getting organized reduces stress and frustration by bringing order to your surroundings. You'll know exactly where everything is, eliminating wasted time searching. This newfound calm allows you to focus on your tasks with a clear mind and increased productivity.

  • Find your tools quickly

    Finding your tools quickly saves you precious time on every project. No more wasted minutes rummaging through drawers. This increased efficiency allows you to focus on what matters most - getting the job done right.

  • Keep your tools visual and secure

    Keeping your tools visual and secure offers a double benefit. By having a clear view of your tools, you'll instantly recognize what you need and avoid wasting time searching. Secure storage protects your tools from theft and keeps them readily available for use, preventing frustration and delays.

Free shipping written in white letters on a black background framed in a wooden frame.

Free Shipping and Free Returns in the USA

We get it. Trying something new can feel risky.

With free shipping and free returns plus a 30 day return window you can try the Pegboard Toolbox risk free.

The Pegboard Toolbox features a simple mechanical design

A simple mechanical design prioritizes reliability by minimizing complexity. With fewer parts and moving components, there's less chance of something breaking down. This translates to a longer lifespan for your device, reducing maintenance needs and saving you time and money in the long run.

We have been there

Time is precious, especially when tackling a project. We know the frustration of wasting it searching for tools. Pegboard Toolbox helps you get to work faster.

We use tools every day

We lived with the lost time caused by traditional tool boxes until we finally had enough and decided to make a visual workplace. We made Pegboard Toolbox to solve our own tool storage problems.

Secure visual tool storage

At Pi Fabricators we know that you want to easily find your tools. In order to do that, you need a visual tool storage solution. The problem is conventional toolboxes are not visual which leads to wasted time looking for tools. Commonly available visual tools systems like pegboards are not secure so are often not a good option for many of your tools. We believe you should not have to choose between locking up your tools and keeping them visually organized. We understand the importance of finding your tools right away which is why we developed pegboard toolbox.

Secure by Design

Designed with the option to be chained down

Lock not accessible with bolt cutters

Non-removable hinge pins

  • 16 gauge sheet metal

    Made with 16 gauge sheet metal that is 1.7 times thicker than the typical results in more than 4.5 times the rigidity of a typical steel pegboard.

  • Heavy duty piano hinge

    The heavy duty American made piano hinge means that the only moving parts are built to last.

  • Fewer moving parts

    Pegboard Toolbox has just two hinges. Compared to ball-bearing drawer slides in conventional toolboxes that have hundreds of parts to fail.