This calculator shows how much revenue can be lost (or gained) in as little as ten minutes.

Pi Harvester Chain increases your productivity.

What if you could cut as much in 7 hours and 50 minutes as you cut in 8 hours? How much more revenue would you make with an extra 10 minutes in the operator's seat?

We used 10 minutes in this simple calculator as a conservative example. Pi Harvester Chain can save even more than 10 minutes per day depending on your operating conditions.

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This is the math that is going on when you click calculate.

Assuming you work 8 hours per day:

$$Your\ revenue\ per\ minute = \frac{(What\ you\ get\ paid\ per\ load) \times (Loads\ per\ day)}{(60\ minutes\ per\ hour) \times (8\ hours\ per\ day)}$$

Assuming you gain an average of 10 minutes more production time per day with Pi Harvester Chain:

$$Your\ increased\ revenue\ per\ day = (Your\ revenue\ per\ minute) \times (10\ minutes)$$

Assuming 44 working weeks per year to account for moving time and other down time:

$$Your\ increased\ revenue\ per\ year = (Your\ increased\ revenue\ per\ day) \times (5\ days\ per\ week) \times (44\ weeks)$$

Assuming 56 drivers in a chain loop:

$$Time\ for\ Pi\ Harvester\ Chain\ to\ pay\ for\ itself = \frac{(56\ drivers) \times ($2\ per\ driver)}{(Your\ increased\ revenue\ per\ day)}$$

Other assumptions:

This revenue calculation assumes that your operational bottleneck is your bar saw.

Examples of productivity improvments from Pi Harvester Chain that add up to 10 minutes or more per day include:

  • Reduced time changing out chains.
  • Reduced time sharpening chains.
  • Increased average cutting speed.