Here is a list of our capabilities

Thermal Spray Hardfacing

Application Examples:

  • Chipper parts
  • Rolls
  • Pump Parts
  • Hardface surrounding tungsten carbide inserts.

Weld Overlay Hardfacing


  • Drop carbide hardfacing (also called embedded carbide hardfacing)
  • Pipe ID hardfacing (6" to 18" ID)
  • Chrome carbide hardfacing
  • Depending on the job we perform both automated and manual welded hardfacing.

Engineering Services

  • Co-Owner Daniel Bechtoldt is a professionally licensed mechanical engineer - license number: 89334PE

Welding (joining)

  • Joining welding for fabricated assemblies.

General manual fabrication processes

  • Manual torch cutting
  • Manual grinding/deburring
  • Fit up/Assembly
  • etc.

Bandsaw cutting

  • We can cut 1 or thousands of parts to length
  • 18" x10" capacity.

Sand Blasting

  • 72"x 36" blast cabinet

Tumble blasting

  • Tumble blaster is an way to cleaning up small parts.
  • Automated way to shot peening small parts to enhance fatigue life.

Bright annealing/stress relieving

  • Partial vacuum bright annealing under an argon and hydrogen atmosphere produces a bright oxide free part right out of the furnace.
  • Use to soften parts for machining operations or for stress relief of welded assemblies.

Manual Knee Mill Machining

  • Basic machining and drilling.

Rockwell C Hardness Testing

  • Used for validating hardness of hard faced coatings.
  • Not third party certified at present but accurate and repeatable.

Modified ASTM G65 Testing

  • Used for relative wear testing as a QC tool for hardface.
  • Deviates from ASTM G65 testing because local sand is used and nylon wheel is used instead of rubberized wheel. However it provides repeatable wear test data that allows us to validate and control the quality of our hardface and can help us select the right hardface for your needs.

Manual Surface Grinding

  • Primarily used for prepping samples for ASTM G65 testing.
  • Not a high tolerance tool.