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  • Damaged reputation and lost customer trust

    Product failures born from design or fabrication missteps can have a significant financial ripple effect. Customer dissatisfaction translates to decreased brand loyalty, and ultimately, a hit to your bottom line.

  • Escalating warranty and repair costs

    Design shortcomings or substandard materials can lead to higher failure rates, forcing you to repeatedly honor warranties with replacements or repairs. This quickly erodes your bottom line.

  • Lost sales, missed opportunities, and hampered growth

    Customers who experience product issues are unlikely to return, and negative word-of-mouth can deter new customers. This hinders growth and creates missed opportunities to expand your market share.

Getting the design right leads to growth

Protect your reputation: Avoid costly recalls and customer dissatisfaction with products that stand the test of time.

Boost customer loyalty: Earn repeat business and referrals with products customers can rely on.

Outshine the competition: Offer unmatched product lifespans, setting your products apart in the market.

Snipping of 2d drawing to explain design process

Design and Fabrication

At Pi Fabricators we know that you want to provide high quality solutions for your customers. In order to do that, you need well designed fabricated assemblies. The problem is many shops don't provide the engineering support you need which leads to designs that don't meet your customers expectations. We believe your products should meet your customers expectations. We understand the importance of both good design paired with expert craftsmanship which is why we offer design and fabrication services.

Here's how you can get expert design and fabrication services:

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2. Give us a call or email us your drawings.
3. We will get your a quote for your fabrication job.

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We understand how important this is

We know the importance of dependable fabricated assemblies. We have firsthand experience minimizing costly downtime within production facilities.

OEMs turn to us for professional engineering and our track record in creating durable designs that ensure lasting performance in high-stakes production environments.

Examples of Our Work

A side view of a hardfaced steel auger, designed for compacting plastic bottles for recycling.

Hardfaced Auger for the Recycling Industry with a Replaceable Tip

Our customer wanted a custom solution to their problem of the high replacement cost of augers due to wear. We designed an auger with a replaceable tip to lower their maintenance costs.

A carriage knee for a large diameter sawmill.

Fabrication of big assemblies

Pi Fabricators can handle large assemblies and weldments. We have a forklift capacity of 14,000lb.

Judson Equipment needed a carriage knee welded for a local sawmill and came to us. We were able to turn the job on time so Judson Equipment could deliver the carriage knee on time to the sawmill.

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A custom steel foot pedal painted red.

Fabrication of small assemblies

A local logger needed a custom foot pedal for his processing equipment.

We designed and fabricated a custom solution that met his needs.

Even if you just need a one off solution to a problem you have in your home or business we are here to help.

A front view of a heavy-duty, cylindrical steel tube with a hardfaced interior surface, specifically designed for compacting plastic bottles to reduce their volume and facilitate efficient transportation.

Compaction Tube for the Recycling Industry

Our customer needed a longer wear life compaction tube for bottle recycling. We fabricated a hardfaced long wear life compaction tube to meet their needs.

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