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Pi Harvester Chain - 3/4 Inch Pitch

Pi Harvester Chain - 3/4 Inch Pitch

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For custom size chain loops please click on "Custom Size" and choose the number of drivers in your chain loop. We will build a chain loop with the number of drivers you specify. 

Pi harvester chain is a 3/4 inch pitch 0.122" gauge harvester chain. 

  • Pi Harvester Chain stays sharp longer than standard chain.
  • Pi Harvester Chain chain lasts longer than standard chain. 
  • Pi Harvester Chain has improved safety due to reduced intensity of sparking when hitting a rock.

Made in USA

For replacement parts and accessories please click on the "Products" dropdown menu link on the top center of this webpage - on a smartphone click on the 3 lines "hamburger" in the upper left of your screen. 

Dull chains lower productivity. Pi chain stays sharp three times longer so you can increase production.

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