Biochar adds vitality to your garden

Made in USA

Are you tired of:

Watching your plants struggle?

Being frustrated your gardens' plants are not growing well?

Wondering why other gardens look better than yours?

  • A colorful drawing of various vegetables growing directly out of a sponge, illustrating the sponge-like properties of biochar, which holds water and nutrients for plants to thrive.

    Biochar: The Soil Sponge You Didn't Know Your Plants Needed

    The soil superhero! It acts like a sponge, holding moisture in sandy soils and improving drainage in clay soils. This means less watering for you and happier, healthier plants.

  • A red, U-shaped magnet is covered in blooming flowers and green vines. This symbolizes how biochar, a type of charcoal, attracts and holds onto nutrients in the soil, just like a magnet.

    Biochar: A Magnet for Valuable Nutrients

    Your soil's nutrient vault! It holds onto essential nutrients, preventing them from leaching away. This means healthier plants and less need for fertilizers.

  • A miniature city, that serves as a visual analogy for the porous structure of biochar that acts like a bustling metropolis, providing habitat for beneficial soil microbes.

    Biochar: A Microscopic Metropolis for Microbes

    Your soil's microbial metropolis! It provides a welcoming home for beneficial microbes, boosting soil health and promoting plant growth.

Don't just take our word for it

"Sustainable biochar is a powerfully simple tool that can produce a soil enhancer that holds carbon and makes soil more fertile"

Source - International Biochar Initiative

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We get it. Trying something new can feel risky.

With free shipping and free returns plus a 30 day return window you can try our premium biochar risk free.

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Green cabbage growing in a garden.

Biochar improves your garden's soil

  • Biochar increases your soils ability to hold nutrients so more of your valuable fertilizer stays in your soil helping your garden to grow.
  • Biochar decreases soil acidity increasing the vitality of your garden.
  • Biochar increases your soils ability to hold moisture so your plants get less stressed between waterings.

We have been there

We understand the frustration of the plants in our gardens struggling and our hard work not producing anything tasty or beautiful.

We made our first biochar in 2009 and have conducted research and been passionate about biochar ever since.

Smiling woman in vegetable garden.

Transform your garden today!

At Pi Fabricators we know that you want to have a thriving garden. In order to do that, you need healthy soil. The problem is many gardens do not have good soil which leads to your plants not reaching their potential. We believe you should be able to enrich your gardens' soil in an environmentally responsible way. We understand the importance healthy soil which is why we produce biochar.

Here's how you have a more vibrant garden:
1. Click "Order Now"
2. Wait for your biochar to ship to you.
3. Add biochar to your soil and see the positive results.

So, order now. And in the meantime, checkout our "Healthy garden healthy climate" PDF. So you can stop being disappointed with your plants and instead enjoy a thriving garden.

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Want to make your own biochar instead?

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