Harvester chain that stays sharp and increases your production

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How much production are you losing because your harvester chain dulls too fast?

Dull chain slows you down and causes you to loose production. Don't be held back by your harvester chain.

  • 1.

    You will produce more timber because you will spend more time running a sharp chain.

  • 2.

    You will spend less time and money changing and sharpening dull harvester chains.

  • 3.

    You will buy less chain because because of slower tooth wear and longer chassis life.

Here's what one of our customers has to say

"Cuts great and stays sharp way longer, what’s more to like."

Matt Cook - Philomath, OR

Do you know how much more money you could make running a Pi Harvester Chain?

Just in case you are interested, we created an online calculator so you can see for yourself.

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The Pi Harvester Chain 60 day 100% money back guarantee

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With free shipping and free returns plus a 60 day return window you can try Pi Harvester Chain risk free.

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Better Edge Retention and Durability

  • Better edge retention means longer run time between sharpening thanks to a patent pending cutting edge.
  • Better durability means longer chain life thanks to harder rivets and a tougher chassis.
See details on edge retention and durability

Pi Harvester Chain was born out of frustration

Allan Baker’s frustration to be exact.

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  • Shot peened metal drivers for 3/4 inch pitch harvester chain.

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Don't be held back by your harvester chain

At Pi Forest Products we know that you want to run a productive operation. In order to do that, you need sharp harvester chain. The problem is conventional chain dulls fast, which leads to slower cuts and unproductive work. We believe you should not be held back by your harvester chain. We understand the importance of maximizing your production which is why we spent years field testing and refining Pi Harvester Chain.

Here's how you can increase production:

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So, order now. So you can stop losing production and instead increase production.

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Reduced anxiety during fire season

If you harvest on rocky ground you know that conventional chain produces a firework show when you strike a rock.

Pi Harvester Chain has been engineered to lower your liability and improve safety by reducing the intensity of sparks generated when hitting a rock.

Learn more about spark reduction

Imagine having a more productive machine... Without buying a new one.

  • We have spent years field testing and refining our harvester chain.
  • We understand your need to keep production up and costs down.