The Pi Harvester Chain 100% Money Back Guarantee

A few years back Allan Baker (Pi Forest Products Co-founder) had a problem. He had purchased a fifty foot roll of harvester chain from a well known manufacturer. But the drivers from this chain spool were breaking within a few hours of run time. Allan’s supplier would offer no refunds and the manufacturer was not reachable. That year at the Eugene logging show Allan approached a representative of the manufacturer and showed him a handful of broken drivers. The representative shrugged and said “maybe there was a bad pour of steel, I will get back to you” but offered Allan no compensation. You are probably not surprised to hear that Allan never heard a word back from the representative. In other words, the harvester chain manufacturer did not stand behind their product. 

Feeling that he was treated unfairly Allan switched to a different brand of harvester chain only to find out later that the brand of harvester chain he switched to was owned by the same manufacturer that had treated him unfairly. Allan felt like an unvalued customer. 

We promise under no circumstances will we allow you to feel like anything but a valued customer after buying Pi Harvester Chain. 

To guarantee this we are offering:

The Pi Harvester Chain 60 day 100% Money Back Guarantee


We promise you will see at least an increase in your cutter edge retention, and an increase in chain life plus savings in time and money sharpening chain.  

If for any reason Pi Harvester Chain does not live up to your expectations you can return your harvester chain within 60 days hassle free by:

  1. Emailing us at with your order number, a return request and an explanation of why the chain is not meeting expectations. 
  2. Print out and tape the free UPS return label we email you to a box and drop it off at your local UPS store. 
  3. Receive your refund when we receive your return. 

The way Allan was treated by the harvester chain manufacturer wasn't right. We offer this guarantee to ensure we always treat your right.