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CBN grinding wheel dressing stick

CBN grinding wheel dressing stick

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Bring life back to your old CBN grinding wheels. This 150 grit aluminum oxide dressing stick is used to clean CBN grinding wheels. 

Made in USA.

This dressing stick is good for dressing 100, 80 and 60 grit wheels. It is 150 grit so that the aluminum oxide particles are smaller than the grit size of the wheels so they can effectively clean the wheel.

How to dress a CBN grinding wheel:

Recommended procedure:

1) Push the dressing stick into the wheel and work the stick along the grinding edge of the wheel until you can not observe any sparks coming off the wheel.

    - It can take up to an inch of the dressing stick to properly clean the wheel.

    - Expect to dress the CBN wheel after sharpening five harvester chains. 

    - What is happening when you dress your CBN wheel is that the dressing stick is removing steel that has become embedded between the CBN abrasive particles. 

2) After you have properly dressed your CBN wheel you should be able to feel that the wheel has become rough again. 

    - Verify that the CBN abrasive is uniformly rough and that there are not any lines or streaks along the wheel that are smooth. If you find streaks that are not rough dress those areas of the wheel until you do not see any streaks. Note that you may consume an inch of dressing stick to clean a CBN wheel. 


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